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The Edible Schoolyard Academy

Hampton Luzak

A creative professional based in Wyoming, Hampton Luzak’s experience spans the interior design, fashion, and television industries. Aside from her professional pursuits, Hampton Luzak supports a number of nonprofit organizations, including the Edible Schoolyard Project.

The Edible Schoolyard began in Berkeley, California, at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, where community members, teachers, and administrators joined together to create a unique, hands-on learning opportunity for students. The garden and kitchen that grew out of their efforts has become an integral part of the educational experience for students at the school and has inspired many similar efforts around the world.
In order to help other schools implement similar programs, the Edible Schoolyard invites educators to come and learn the practical and ideological foundations of its program. At the five-day Edible Schoolyard Academy, participants learn about curriculum integration and development, funding strategies, program evaluation, volunteer management, class scheduling, routines of garden and kitchen classrooms, and outreach strategies.
With a strong focus on diversity, organizers of the Edible Schoolyard Academy strive to create a group of participants from a wide variety of backgrounds. All participants should come prepared to discuss issues such as social justice, equity, and inclusion.

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