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NSCDA’s Dumbarton House Exemplifies Federal-Style Architecture

Hampton Luzak

An entrepreneur based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Hampton Luzak has held various positions in the advertising and entertainment industries. She currently pursues an interest in history and architecture by restoring and preserving historic homes. Alongside her day-to-day activities, Hampton Luzak maintains membership in the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America (NSCDA).

A longtime leader in the field of historic preservation, NSCDA has been protecting and promoting America’s historic sites and buildings for more than 120 years. In addition to advancing a variety of preservation projects across the country, the organization oversees several museums, including Dumbarton House, a Washington, DC, building that also serves as NSCDA’s national headquarters.
Built in 1799, Dumbarton House is one of the country’s best examples of Federal-style architecture. Prominent from 1790 to around 1830, the style was characterized by symmetrical design elements and simple but elegant furniture and interiors.
At Dumbarton House, visitors can get a firsthand look at the style while examining a museum collection comprising over 1,000 pieces of furniture, textiles, ceramics, and artwork. The museum also features manuscripts and other documents on the life of Joseph Nourse, who lived in the home while serving as the country’s first register of the treasury.

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