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Nordic Skiing vs. Alpine Skiing

Hampton Luzak

Hampton Barringer Luzak has found success in industries ranging from TV journalism and advertising production to the restoration and resale of historic homes. In her free time, Hampton Luzak is an avid winter sports enthusiast who enjoys both Nordic and alpine skiing.

Nordic (or cross-country) skiers traverse a range of snow-covered terrain, moving both up and down various slopes. Alpine (or downhill) skiers, by contrast, ski exclusively downhill, ascending slopes by ski lift at sanctioned ski resorts or by snowmobile or helicopter in outlying regions. While Nordic skiers wear soft boots and use skis that attach only at the toe for easier perambulation, alpine skiers wear hard boots with bindings that attach at both the toe and the heel.
In addition to other advantages, Nordic skiing is less expensive and offers a more effective aerobic workout than alpine skiing. For thrill seekers, however, Nordic skiing does not compare with the speed and excitement of alpine skiing.

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