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Education Initiatives at the Joyful Heart Foundation

Hampton Luzak

Hampton Luzak is a former public relations director in the New York fashion industry and on-air talent for MSNBC fashion segments. Hampton Luzak remains active in many philanthropic endeavors today, supporting nonprofit organizations such as the Joyful Heart Foundation.

The Joyful Heart Foundation is a national nonprofit organization working to rid the world of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. To accomplish its mission, the Joyful Heart Foundation sponsors a wide variety of education initiatives in communities across the United States.
Through public education and broad education campaigns in popular media, the Joyful Heart Foundation raises awareness of important issues relating to sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence. The NO MORE PSA campaign attempts to unite people in the fight against sexual assault and domestic violence. The organization also works to engage men in the fight, encouraging them to speak to their experiences as both survivors and bystanders. In the state of Hawaii, the Joyful Heart Foundation uses the “One Strong ‘Ohana” program to teach community members about protecting children from abuse.
To learn more about educational initiatives at the Joyful Heart Foundation, visit the official website at

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