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Development of New England’s Colonial Architecture

Hampton Luzak

A well-established Jackson Hole, Wyoming entrepreneur, Hampton Luzak guides Seven Pines LLC and has overseen casting on a number of film projects. Active with the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Hampton Luzak has a strong interest in American history, and has undertaken the decoration and restoration of historic homes in states including South Carolina, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Among the distinct forms of traditional New England architecture are 17th-century colonial homes with flat faces, side gables, and steep roofs designed to shed snow. Simple and utilitarian, these homes were lacking in decoration and amenities such as porches, stoops, and eaves. With early examples featuring shingles, the homes evolved into structures with pine-clad roofs.

The colonial homes were typically set facing south so as to maximize sunlight in the winter, and the doors were planked vertically in order to trap heat. The majority of these utilitarian homes featured chimneys in the center of the roof; an exception was the Rhode Island stone-enders, which featured exterior stone chimneys.

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