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Concerns When Restoring or Rehabilitating a Historical Home

Hampton Luzak

Hampton Barringer Luzak, a restorer of historical homes, has worked on projects throughout the eastern half of the United States. Hampton Luzak has focused primarily on restoring houses from the late 1700s. Those who take an interest in restoring houses should proceed carefully during a project, making decisions that encourage both livability and period accuracy.

Historical homes can be restored or rehabilitated. In a strict restoration, anything that does not date back to the time period of the structure will be eliminated, while in a rehabilitation, later additions are permitted so long as they don't distract from the overall character of the home. In a true restoration, extra attention may be paid to period-appropriate materials like wood, while a rehabilitation may use stronger, cheaper, or more readily available materials to achieve a similar effect.
While it can be tempting to try to make changes which integrate seamlessly into the overall look of the house, care should be taken to avoid falsifying a historical house's history. Any changes made by a current owner, including the replacement of lost or damaged materials, should be visible and transparent, and subsequent buyers should be made aware of them. Particular care should be taken to avoid changes that would cause the home to appear as though it dates from a different architectural period entirely.

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