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Colonial Dames

Hampton Luzak

A creative professional with a degree in American studies from Hollins University in Virginia, Hampton Luzak restores historic homes along the East Coast. In addition to her renovation work, Hampton Luzak is a member of the Colonial Dames of America, a group dedicated to the preservation of important artifacts and structures from the colonial period.

The Colonial Dames of America was formed in 1890 to prioritize restorations, provide educational opportunities, and commemorate historicl events of the original thirteen colonies. Membership in the organization is limited to women who can trace their ancestry back to a leader from colonial times.
The Colonial Dames of America own and operate the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden on the island of Manhattan. The museum was originally constructed as a carriage house and was owned by Colonel William Stephens Smith and Abigail Adams Smith, the daughter of President John Adams. Converted into a hotel in 1826, the structure served those who wished to find a respite from the city.
The eighth oldest building in Manhattan, the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden hosts a number of exhibits that show what the hotel may have looked like in 1826. Visitors can also participate in craft and cooking demonstrations and educational programs.

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