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ASPCA Animal Relocation Programs

Hampton Luzak

Hampton Barringer Luzak, when not restoring historical houses, likes to support the care and well-being of animals. Hampton Luzak has rescued dogs from shelters, transporting them to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Part of the ASPCA's work in caring for companion animals deals with maintaining a balanced number of pets up for adoption. Some areas have disproportionate numbers of homeless pets, while others have a high local need. The ASPCA does its best to ensure that each area has an appropriate number of available animals, increasing the overall rate of adoption. These efforts reduce overcrowding in the source shelters, as well.
Relocation programs primarily move pets out of the southern half of the country toward the northern half. Los Angeles has its own dedicated relocation routes, which take animals to the Pacific Northwest. The ASPCA also brings animals to the Midwest and American Southwest from Texas and bordering states. The Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride program brings animals from the American Southeast to other northern states along the East Coast.

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