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A Brief Introduction to the NSCDA

Hampton Luzak

Experienced in the television, film, and marketing industries, Hampton Luzak formerly served as a creative director’s assistant at BBDO, an advertising company where she was a member of the award-winning team responsible for iconic advertisements for Pepsi and Visa. Now an interior designer and rehabilitator of historic properties, Hampton Luzak is a member of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America (NSCDA).

Founded in 1891, the NSCDA is a nonprofit historical stewardship organization that promotes appreciation for the formation and development of the United States. Today, the society operates through 44 local branches and includes more than 15,000 members.
In addition to projects of historical value, patriotic programs, and educational resources, the NSCDA maintains several museums, including Dumbarton House, which also serves as the NSCDA headquarters. Built in Washington, DC, in 1779, Dumbarton House holds a collection of original furnishings and historical pieces from day-to-day life in the early 1800s.

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